Breakthrough in SmartYarn®technology

An innovative, cutting edge electro-chemical technology based,
carbon-coated electrically conductive thread, can be weaved into customizable,
energy- efficient heat conducting SmartYarn® woven fabrics.

The Product

Thermosiv SmartYarn Heating Solution

ThermoSiv is a mature dynamic start up, developing and producing SmartYarn®

SmartYarn® is a mature, fully operational and deployable product. It provides
a versatile, highly energy efficient, flexible, environment friendly and healthy
Far Infra-red (FIR) radiant heating solution, that can be cost effectively utilized
in a broad range of products.


The Technology

Unique energy conductive yarns

The conductive yarns are coated with a carbon-based compound, and the weaving algorithms are designed to produce specific, pre-determined, energy (heat) and electric field profiles.

Energy efficiency and design flexibility enables the use of multiple energy sources from 2.4V batteries to 220V grid supplied.

100% Energy efficiency in transferring Elec. Energy into Thermal Energy

Ecological and Green No EMF Radiation

Fast & uniform heat

Flexible, breathable & washable. Durable - Withstands wear & tear

Safe & Healthy FIR (Far Infra Red)

Operate on AC & DC or Batteries

Easy integration


The Solution

Highly attractive solutions for industries

Thermosiv provides a highly attractive solution to several industries:

Automotive industry

Energy efficient heating is critically important to expediting the EV (Electric Vehicle) evolution. A pre-requisite to a successful EV is an extended driving range, comparable to that of Internal Combustion vehicles. 

Since cold weather cabin heating is the biggest non-driving energy consumer. SmartYarn® is the prefect EV cabin and seat heating solution, boosting battery range in cold weather conditions by approximately 20%-45%, compared to conventional HVAC cabin heating systems.

ThermoSiv has successfully completed a General Motors (GM) funded R&D project for developing a “control system for radiant heating pad comfort with safety feature”, to be installed in its entire EV range. SmartYarn®, having passed the most rigorous GM testing, and is slated to be installed in GM EVs as of 2024.

This makes it a highly attractive and cost-effective OEM solution.



ThermoSiv has successfully deployed SmartYarn® in several agro-industry pilot projects. The results conclusively proved that SmartYarn® equipped greenhouses significantly increased yields by 20-39 % while reducing energy consumption, enhancing operational cost effectiveness.

ThermoSiv and San High-tech have jointly developed the AgrowFab project,
funded by an EU Horizon 2020 SME grant. Utilizing SmartYarn®
unique technology, the consortium is developing an innovative
greenhouse heating solution, enabling growers to significantly boost
their yields, while maintaining optimal energy efficiency.


Novelty consumer items

SmartYarn® provides an innovative, fully customizable heating solution,
for manufacturers of a broad range of apparel, linen, therapeutic belts,
decorative heaters and other consumer items and gadgets.

Medical Industry (Future Development)

ThermoSiv has embarked on an extensive R&D program regarding the
development of FIR based OEM solutions for medical device
manufacturers, and FIR pertinent treatments.


Military and Homeland Security (Future Development)

ThermoSiv has initiated an embryonic R&D program developing a broad
range of innovative solutions such as thermal imaging, thermal
camouflage systems and other items required by militaries operating
in severe weather environments.

This program is headed by ThermoSiv Founder and CEO
General (Ret.) David Agmon.


Our Vision

Where will we be in next years

Foster an optimal balance between environmental sustainability and quality of life by developing smart fabrics that provides innovative heating solutions. Thus:

  • Improving quality of life  Green Energy, Low Consumption. Safe & Healthy Warmth.
  • Feeding the growing population  Improving crops. Lowering agro-production cost.
  • Saving lives – Vital Parameters Identification. FIR medical treatment
  • Reducing greenhouse gazes


About us

Company Profile

ThermoSiv has developed unique innovative technology.

SmartYarn® – Conductive-compound coated yarns, woven into conducting fabrics, that are used for heating, motion-sensing, data transfer and more.

SmartYarn® – Fully operational product, provides a versatile, energy efficient, flexible, environment friendly and healthy Far Infra-red (FIR) radiant heating solution.

ThermoSiv solution is mitigation the environment challenges with unique energy consumption reduction for the Electrical Vehicle and GHG reduction for agriculture Green houses, all while keeping the comfort and healthy conditions.

ThermoSiv solutions open a new opportunity at the IoT and energy management areas

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